Our Stories

Read about what those involved with the scheme have to say about us...


"The Charity shop only runs with the help of volunteers. I was delighted that this scheme gives them the recognition they deserve" The team at the Medical Aid for Poland charity shop

“The work volunteers do is so valuable but often hard to quantify and reward…with ValueYou we are able to take that step forward” Volunteer Manager


"As an independent business the local community is especially important to me. The scheme is a great way of allowing me to give back to the local people that make Ealing a great place to do business in. It’s surprising to find out other things that your customers do”. Dee and staff at Bloom Studio, florist 

“I like the scheme because it makes a positive contribution. It allows us to show potential customers that we want to invest in or local community & it helps attract new business.” Business owner


"I always encourage people to volunteer- the ValueYou card is something else I can tell them about to encourage them to get involved. They know me at Lisa’s Restaurant now as Peter the volunteer. We talk about volunteering when we never would’ve had before. My other friends that use the card say the same thing" Peter Tomkins, Canal & Waterways Trust Volunteer 

“I’m genuinely really delighted with the use I’ve gotten out of the ValueYou card so far...I regularly use the card at Achilles Heels. I was considering switching to a chain but this was the incentive I needed to stick with this locally owned business" James, Highgate Cemetery Volunteer

“it is very rewarding to have a value you card,as you are appreciated for the work you do in the community. It has been very handy in saving the money and receiving free offers” Volunteer, London

"To be valued as a volunteer is precious and gives all the hard work I do meaning.Thank you for recognising my skills and abilities, I feel much appreciated." Volunteer, Havering